Referral Rewards Program Detailshex-rewards-program

You will notice some literature and information packed within the box once you order and your package is received. Take the time to look over the paperwork enclosed because it will definitely benefit you! In gratitude for your support and belief in our products and company, we have put together a Referral Rewards Program to help you AND those you care about.

Everyone likes helping others and the program is designed to help you as well! When someone uses a product and can see and feel the results, they naturally want to tell their friends about it. By taking part in our Referral Program you can refer your friends to try our product and if they order our products, you receive Referral Reward Dollars placed into your own online account. You can request it as cash or apply it to future purchases of your own! By using your Referral ID, your friends also benefit by receiving a discount on their first bottle.

There are 2 items enclosed in your package that you will need. You will receive a welcome letter with a Wellness ID Card containing your account information and Referral ID#. You can store this card in your wallet or purse to have it handy when needed. We will also enclose a sheet of 10 referral card coupons to make it easier to pass the discount to your friends and family. Your Referral ID number is also located on these coupon cards. By using this Referral ID, those you care about will receive a discount off their first order AND AFN will place Referral Rewards in your online account as described above. Those you refer will be asked if they have a Referral ID when they set up their new account and order.

Rules and Conditions of the Referral Rewards Program and Referral Reward

The Referral Rewards Program is provided at no cost, to all customers, when each customer sets up an online account with our company. There is no cost, it is simply AFN’s way of giving back to thank you for referring us. The Referral Rewards you earn are actual dollars that can be applied to your future orders as a discount on your reorders or you may request a cash payout. If rewards exceed $50.00 USD you may request a check.

Referral Rewards will automatically post to your account and at that point will be eligible for redemption subject to these Terms.

Referral Reward amounts will be corrected under these circumstances:

  • If an order is canceled or the product is later returned, the rewards will be removed.
  • Rewards for invalid orders or incorrect information will be corrected.

While we intend to always offer this program, AFN reserves the right to terminate the Referral Rewards Program at any time. Referral Rewards earned and accrued beforehand will still remain in your account for use as you wish, should the program be terminated. Notification of termination will be sent to the email address you provided during your account set up.

Our company reserves the right to terminate your account at any time at our discretion. If your account has been inactive for 12 months (no purchases during the prior 12 month period) and has accrued but not redeemed Referral Rewards, our company has the right to close the account. Unused rewards will be donated to a nonprofit company that supports helping improve health in underprivileged communities.

Loyalty Rewards

Customers having ordered $1000 or more will automatically be awarded a 10% discount on all future orders as a thank you for your loyalty to AFN products.  Please contact customer care if you have further questions.