With our modern life-styles, our bodies are constantly managing a barrage of stress, food additives, cellular aging, microbial contamination (bacterial and viral), environmental toxins including the daily exposure to airborne particulate matter from diesel and petrol fumes and more. The ingredients in OProcyn provide support for our immune and detoxification systems in addition to slowing or inhibiting the cellular aging processes, making it a core supplement for the health and well-being of anyone seeking to optimize the health of themselves and their family.

The unique combination and potency of the ingredients brought together in OProCyn not only act as potent antioxidants, but also promote your body’s production of its OWN (endogenous) natural antioxidants, bringing you the latest nutritional science for a multi-pronged approach to fighting the aging process. Epigenetics finely tunes gene expression at a functional level without modifying the DNA sequence, thereby contributing to the complexity of genomic regulation. Research shows that OProCyn’s ingredients can be key players in managing the way in which many of our genes function, both helping promote beneficial functions, while helping to inhibit non-beneficial ones through epigenetic modulation. In addition evidence is accumulating to suggest the role of OPC’s and resveratrol from grape skin extract in stimulating adult stem cells. For example, Satellite Cells (SCs) are adult muscle stem cells that are important for skeletal postnatal muscle growth, homeostasis and repair. Recent studies show activation of adult muscle stems cells in an animal model of muscle injury and regeneration with the use of grape seed derived oligomeric proanthocyanidins, enabling faster muscle repair following injury. PMID 20726992,22033514,