Only the highest quality, standardized ingredients deliver the results reported in the scientific literature. With our commitment to sourcing French grown and purified OPCs (the source of the world’s highest quality OPC ingredients), we diligently select our ingredients to maximize their effectiveness in our products. Regardless of country-of-origin, every lot we receive is tested for identification, purity and quality. By focusing on the quality of each ingredient, we ensure not only the purity of the active form of the ingredients, but we also assure that we include the right levels as proven in the scientific literature.
Many companies cite the results in the scientific literature, and say they that their products contain the active ingredient(s) even though their active ingredients do NOT meet the levels cited in the research they cite on their website. Companies who compromise quality may improve their profit margin but end up compromising results and misleading consumers by implying that “it’s in there.” All of our products are formulated to meet or exceed levels based upon the scientific literature and are manufactured with the quality required to ensure those results. This commitment is why we started Advanced Functional Nutrition in the first place. We, along with all consumers, need products we can trust for ourselves and our families.