ExGrape® TOTAL PE (Polyphenol Extract) Red Grape Extract is a superior quality, non-fermented source of OPCs, as well as a source of an array of additional, beneficial compounds. These work in sync with our scientifically balanced ingredients to optimize the cardio-protective, antioxidant and tissue protective properties of OProCyn. ExGrape ® TOTAL PE has a guaranteed Polyphenol content of >92%.

red-grape-extractScientific studies show the effectiveness of ExGrape TOTAL PE on:

– Prevention of the atherosclerotic diseases (cardio-protective),
– Hypertension (vasoprotective)
– The ability to decrease aortic lipid deposition
– Inhibition of inflammation
– Defense against aging effects of the sun
– The ability to decrease intestinal inflammation
– Inhibition of cellular aging
– Strengthening of blood vessels and capillaries. RSV significantly
– Aiding in slowing down the aging process throughout the body, including skin, hair and nails
– Inhibiting the activity of Herpes Simplex

No other OPC nutritional supplement on the market contains the guaranteed level of OPCs contained in OProCyn. No other OPC nutritional supplement can offer you the scientifically-researched, potential health benefits of OProCyn.

Why Does It Work?

OPCs (for Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins) are a rare set of natural super antioxidants. The most valuable OPC ingredients known are extracts of French Maritime Pine Bark, Grape Seeds and Red Grapes. OProCyn™ combines the purest quality of all three of these OPCs, plus additional beneficial ingredients, to bring offer the highest-potency OPC supplement on the market today.

Each dose of OProCyn™ contains 50mg of ExGrape® TOTAL PE (Polyphenol Extract) Red Grape Extract made by Grap’Sud, France. This extract is a natural, standardized (e.g., guaranteed content of active ingredients) Polyphenol extract made from selected French-grown grapes (Vitis Vinifera) assuring a guaranteed mixture of beneficial active ingredients: Procyanidins (OPCs), Anthocyanins and Resveratrol! Unlike other leading brands of OPC nutritional supplements who advertise the use of Red Wine Extract to obtain these beneficial compounds, OProCyn DOES NOT. As noted above, OProCyn contains ExGrape® TOTAL PE Red Grape Extract, extracted from grape marc, a non-fermented source which is equally rich in all of the compounds known in red wine extract, without the need for ever being involved in the fermentation process. This is important to anyone seeking the amazing health benefits of OPCs, but for whom it is important to avoid a fermented-source ingredient.

Heart Health Benefits

The heart health benefits of red grape marc extract (as in ExGrape® TOTAL PE ) and red wine extract were well recognized by epidemiological studies of their consumption in France, leading to the French Paradox theory developed in the early 1990s. A long-term ongoing intake of alcohol-free red wine extract may prevent nutrition-deficient health problems, leading to longevity. A lack of antioxidant-containing foods is among the major nutritional deficiencies caused by imbalanced diet.

ExGrape ® TOTAL PE is an OPC ingredient extracted from grape marc in a ratio of 500:1 and has a guaranteed Polyphenol content of >92%. Unless stated, lesser quality ingredients generally contain Polyphenol levels of only 15-50%. The proprietary extraction and purification process used by Grap’Sud preserves the characteristics of the active principles and assures the high potency of its use in OProCyn.

Benefits For Oxidative Stress & Health Challenges

Extensive scientific investigations have been conducted on both the whole spectrum of beneficial polyphenol components naturally contained red grape extract, as well as on individual polyphenol components. The antioxidant activity of polyphenols in the red grape extract occupies a center stage of interest for scientific research. Red grape extract polyphenols as antioxidants in high-quality studies indicate the nutritional benefits for oxidative stress-related conditions (cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and chronic inflammatory processes). Red grape extract is continually being researched for use in supporting a variety of health conditions.

The Secret is simple: Scientifically researched formulations + highest quality ingredients = Results!

Legal note: All noted uses stated here and current commercial use of Red Grape Extract is limited to its use as a dietary supplement, and not intended to treat, prevent, cure, or diagnose any diseases.

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